HIB – The Heracles Inscription from Behistun (148 BCE)
A Greek inscription from the eve of the Parthian conquest of Media.

AV1 – Avroman Parchment I (88/7 BCE)
A Greek document recording the sale of a vineyard.

ESR – The Epitaph of Seraspadanes and Rhodaspes (c. 1–50 CE)
A Latin text marking the grave in Rome of two Arsacid royal hostages.

AV3 – Avroman Parchment III (53 CE)
A Parthian document recording the sale of a part of a vineyard.

BHM – The Bronze Heracles of Mesene (151 CE)
A bilingual inscription in Parthian and Greek carved onto a bronze statue of Heracles.

VIB – The Vologaeses Inscription at Behistun (c. 200 CE?)
A short royal inscription in Parthian from the famous site of Behistun.

ArtIn – The Artabanus Inscription (215 CE)
A stele set up by Parthia’s last Arsacid king for one of his satraps.

SKZ – The Inscription of Shapur I at Ka’ba-i Zardušt (c. 262 CE)
A trilingual inscription in Middle Persian, Parthian, and Greek by Shapur I, second king of the Sasanian empire.