Avroman Parchment III | AV3

A Parthian document found in a cave in Kurdistan dating to 53 CE. It was found with two other parchments from the first century BCE that were both written in Greek.

The AV3 is a deed recording the sale of part of a vineyard. The buyer and seller are both named, along with several witnesses to the transaction; the amount (65 drachmae) is also specified. It is striking that the document was composed in Parthian, since the other two Avroman documents are in Greek. The change may reflect the increasing importance of the Parthian language within the Arsacid empire during the first century CE.

I have not yet had time to do a transcription or to implement vocabulary support for this text. For the time being, the transliteration and a preliminary translation are available at the link below.

Parthian Text