BHM | English translation

Translation: Jake Nabel

Translation of the Greek text

1 In the year
2 according to the Greeks
3 462 [=151 CE], the King
4 of Kings Arsaces
5 Vologaeses,
6 son of Mithradates
7 the king, campaigned
8 in Mesene
9 against Mithradates the king,
10 son of Pacorus, the
11 previous king. And
12 having driven Mithradates
13 the king from Mesene,
14 he became master of
15 all Mesene; and this
16 bronze statue of Heracles
17 the god, which was brought
18 by him from Mesene,
19 he dedicated in the shrine
20 of the god Apollo who
21 sits near the bronze
22 gate.

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Translation of the Parthian text

1 [In the year]  
2 [398] A[rsa]ces
3 Vologaeses, King of Kings,
4 son of King Mithradates, fought
5 in Mesene against King Mithradates,
6 son of Pacorus, King of Kings. King Mithradates
7 he [sc. Vologaeses] drove out from there. All
8 Mesene he took. This statue
9 of Verethragna the god which from
10 Mesene he removed, having had it inscribed, in
11 the temple of Tir he set up as an offering.