The Inscription of Shapur I | SKZ

The SKZ is a trilingual inscription in Middle Persian, Parthian, and Greek. Carved onto the Kaaba of Zoroaster, it records the deeds of Shapur I, second king of the Sasanian empire. The inscription is also known by the Latin name Res Gestae Divi Saporis, “The Things Accomplished by the Divine Shapur.”

The Parthian version of the text is reproduced here; the edition is that of Huyse 1999. In Hackl et al. 2010, see III.2.8 (volume 2, 573–87). A considerable part of the Middle Persian text is damaged and illegible. The entire text (reproduced one chapter per page) is available in transliteration, transcription, and translation, although at the moment only the first nine chapters have vocabulary support.


The Parthian Text

English Translation