SKZ | Chapter 10

Transliteration and transcription: Huyse 1999
Translation: Jake Nabel
Note: due to formatting issues, Huyse’s text is reproduced without diacritical marks.


W ’swry’ hštr W ME ’pr ’swry’ hštr prybr YHWt hmk ’trwht ’wyrn W wrty’z OBDt W AHDt pty LHw HD y’wr MN prwmyn hštr BYRTA W MHWZA

ud Asūriyā šahr, ud čē abar Asūriyā šahr parβēr būd, hamag ādurwaxt, awērān ud wardyāz kerd ud grift pad hō ē(w) yāwar až Frōmāyīn šahr diz ud šahrestān:

And the land of Assyria, and the land which is around Assyria, was all burned, laid waste, and plundered; and there were taken on this one occasion from the land of the Romans these fortresses and cities:

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