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Texts after Braund 2002

…| Ἀρμενίας Οὐολο- | γαίσου, γυναικὶ δὲ | βασιλέως Ἰβήρων | μεγάλου Ἀμαζάσ- | που Ἀναγράνης ὁ | τροφεὺς καὶ ἐπίτρ- | <ο>πος ἰδίᾳ δυνάμ<ε>ι | τὸ βαλανῖον ἀφιέρω- | σεν
[to the daughter(?) of] Vologaeses, [king] of Armenia, (and to) the wife of Amazpes the Great, king of the Iberians, Anagranes the foster-father and guardian dedicated the bath-building from his own resources.
…[βασι-] | λέως [Ἀναγ]ράνης [τρο]φεὺ[ς καὶ ἐπί-] | τροπο[ς ἰδιᾳ δυ]νάμ[<ε>ι ? τὸ βαλ]ανῖον ἄρτισας | ἰδίᾳ τροφίμῃ | Δρακόντιδι βασ- | ιλίσ(σ)ῃ ἀφιέρωσεν
Anagranes the fost[er-father and guar]dian dedicated the ba[th-building(?) [from his own resou]rces to his own foster-child, queen Dracontis.