Avroman Parchment I | AV1

A Greek text written on parchment or leather found in a cave in modern-day Kurdistan in 1909. The document records the purchase of a vineyard by a man named Gathakes from the brothers Barakes and Sobenes. It dates to 88/7 BCE. The edition here is Minns 1915, which was followed by Lukas Thommen in Hackl et al. 2010: 2.467.

The document included two versions of the text: A on the inside, B on the outside. At the moment only Version A is available here. The differences between the two are slight, but the fact that they are not exact copies of each other is surprising and interesting in its own right.

Full vocabulary support is available, though the glosses for some words (particularly in the last few lines) can only be guesses given the ambiguity of the text.


Greek Text Version A

English Translation