The Bronze Heracles of Mesene | BHM

A bilingual inscription in Greek and Parthian carved onto the right and left thighs, respectively, of a bronze Heracles statue. The text records the victory of the Arsacid king Vologaeses IV over the kingdom of Characene (in Parthian, Meshan) and dates to 151 CE.

The Greek version of the text is from Potter 1991, which you can find for free here; see also nr. 507 in Merkelbach / Stauber 2005: 106–8. The Parthian text is adapted from Morano 1990. In Hackl et al. 2010, see III.1.3.E.3 (volume 2, 461–2) for the Greek text and III.2.6 for the Parthian.

Full vocabulary support has been implemented for both the Parthian and the Greek text. I wish to thank Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Schmitt for his kind assistance as I prepared this text, though any errors that remain are of course mine alone.


The Parthian Text

The Greek Text

English Translation