The Heracles Inscription from Behistun | HIB

A Greek text carved into the cliffs at Behistun, site of the famous inscription of the Achaemenid king Darius the Great. This text dates to 148 BCE, the eve of the Parthian invasion of Media and their defeat of the Seleucids – an important moment in the emergence of the Arsacid kingdom as a major ancient empire, and a crippling blow to the once expansive Seleucid polity. The dedicator of the statue wishes for the welfare of one Kleomenes, commander of the upper Seleucid satrapies; the concern for his safety may be a reference to the imminent Arsacid attack.

The Greek is after Robert 1963; in Hackl et al. 2010 see III.1.3.F.3 (volume 2, 476).

The text now has full vocabulary support.


Greek Text

English Translation